Traditional Garments. Grade 9. Reading

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TOM: Who’s the young man wearing the tunic? Is he your dad!

KAMAL: No, it’s my grandpa when he was a teacher. That’s the traditional Jordanian costume. In the past, he didn’t wear jeans, jumpers or jackets. He wore a tunic with long 5 sleeves, called a thobe.

TOM: Oh, and what’s that on his head?

KAMAL: It’s a kufiyyah that people wore as a headdress. The black thing around it is an agal. It’s a headband that keeps the kufiyyah from falling off your head. Did you know that some people still wear the traditional Jordanian costume

TOM: That’s amazing!



Misaki: This is my mum and my aunt when they were young.

Asma: Which is your mum and which is your aunt? They’re both wearing the same clothes!

Misaki: My mum is the one holding an umbrella. My aunt is the one with the blue purse. They are wearing kimonos. It’s a long, traditional Japanese robe with long sleeves that you wear by wrapping it around your body.

Asma: Wow! Traditional clothes are beautiful!



Salma: Is the woman who’s wearing the red dress your mother?

Hina: Oh no, that’s a photo of my sister on her wedding day. She’s wearing a sari.

Salma: She looks amazing! What’s a sari? Is it a traditional garment?

Hina:  Yes, but Indian women still wear them today. A sari is a long dress with a piece of material, like cotton or silk, that covers the shoulders.

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Traditional Garments
Traditional Garments

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