Reading. How to Relax. Page11. Grade 11

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How to relax

Husam spends a lot of time on his homework. His parents are worried because they think that he is studying too hard and that he’s not getting enough sleep. The problem is that Husam finds it hard to relax. Husam needs to stop work at nine o’clock each evening and read in bed so that he can relax.


S Salma has two small children. They are usually awake at night, so she often feels exhausted. She needs to nap at the same time as her children, after lunch. This is how she can make her life much less tiring.


Laith is old and lonely. His wife has recently become ill, and he’s very sad. When people try to help him, he doesn’t communicate well with them. He needs to 10 talk to someone and share his feelings so that he becomes less stressed.


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Reading. How to Relax. Page11. Grade 11
Reading. How to Relax. Page11. Grade 11

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