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Libraries. A Listening Practice Course.
Libraries. A Listening Practice Course.
Libraries. A Listening Practice Course.
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Brought to you by Libraries. The ancient library of Alexandria was the most important of the ancient world and was a symbol of civilization and knowledge.
It was started in the 4th century BC, had half a million manuscripts, and was a great center of science and learning. The library was probably destroyed by fire in 391 AD. The new high-tech Bibliotheca Alexandrina was opened in October 2002 by the Egyptian government and follows in the footsteps of the ancient library.
A library is a spectacular modern circular building next to the Mediterranean. The Bibliotheca is not only a library, it is an integrated cultural center with libraries, museums, exhibition areas, a school of information studies, a planetarium, and an international conference center. The library is equipped with all the latest technology and a highly advanced electronic information system.
The Bibliotheca also has a copy of the internet archive with access to over 10 billion web pages by