Importance of Sleep. Module 1 . 11th Grade.

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importance is of sleep


Sleep is an essential part of life. Although we think of sleep as a time when we rest completely, it’s actually a very busy period for the brain. Scientists claim that sleep is the time when information is sorted and stored by the brain. Sleep is important for reducing stress and keeping the heart, the immune system and the memory healthy.

Scientists have already identified five sleep stages by studying brainwaves. Stage 1 is when we begin to fall asleep. The brain tells the muscles to relax and the heart to beat slowly. This stage makes up about 5% of a young adult’s sleeping time.

Stage 2 is a period of deeper sleep. The heartbeat and breathing become slower. This stage makes up about 44% to 55% of a young adult’s sleeping time.

Stages 3 and 4 are when we sleep most soundly. Now the brainwaves and heartbeat are at their slowest and our muscles become very relaxed. We might have some dreams in this stage, which makes up about 15% to 23% of a young adult’s sleeping time.

Stage 5 is called the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage. Although our body is resting, our eyes are moving very quickly beneath our eyelids during this stage.

Our heartbeat and breathing become faster, and this is when dreams are most frequent. This stage makes up about 20% to 25% of a young adult’s sleeping time.

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Importance of Sleep

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