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Employee of the Month. Grade 9. Reading
Employee of the Month. Grade 9. Reading
Employee of the Month. Grade 9. Reading
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Employee of the month

Like millions of people around the world, Khalid Mustafa works in an office. He works with the same colleagues every day, and he often has meetings with people from other companies. Everyone says the same thing about him – he is the ideal employee.

“Khalid is a great worker and an example to follow. He’s always neatly dressed, and he follows the code of workplace ethics,” explains his boss, Saleh Moussa. “This means that he behaves properly in the office. He is very polite and respectful to those around him. He has a positive attitude, and he interacts very well with his colleagues so that the job is done efficiently. I also trust Khalid. He would rather resign than lie, cheat, steal or accept a bribe.”

Khalid also abides by the company’s dress code. This is another reason why he’s such a good worker. He usually dresses up in a casual business style and makes sure that his clothes are always neat. “It means I can work more comfortably,” says Khalid. “It also projects a professional image to my colleagues and to visiting clients.”

Any employee who doesn’t respect the company’s dress code may be sent home to change or receive a verbal warning, but this is never a problem for Khalid. “1 always feel happy when I’m working hard. The dress code helps to create a working environment where it is simple to do that.” In short, Khalid’s conduct at work is exemplary.