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A Hidden World
A Hidden World
A Hidden World. Reading. Grade 10
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A Hidden World

The bright colours of birds, the call of monkeys and the hum of insects are common sights and sounds in a tropical rainforest. Rainforests grow near the Equator, where it is always warm and 5 wet-the perfect habitat for plants and animals.

In Papua New Guinea, scientists have just discovered a new rainforest. It has existed for many thousands of years at the top of a mountain. It has always been very difficult to reach. Even o the people who live on the slopes of Mount Bosavi 2 have rarely visited this hidden rainforest. It is very high up, at over 2,500 metres above sea level, and it is hidden inside the hole of a huge volcano.

In 2009 CE, an international team of scientists

= visited Mount Bosavi and discovered an amazing


world of plants and animals there. They discovered many colourful, tiny frogs, some unusual species of fish, rare bats and spiders, a kangaroo that looked like a small bear, and a giant rat that was as big as a cat. Altogether, the scientists found more than forty new species of animals, as well as many rare or new plants.

Today, though, this beautiful hidden world is in danger. Logging has already begun in the area. The loggers have already destroyed a lot of trees in the area, but they haven’t reached the slopes of Mount Bosavi yet. The scientists hope that their findings can help to protect the area.